We are one of You

"It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself" - Eleanor Roosevelt

Chesetta-St Moritz,Switzerland  - part of the Mywonderlust.org portfolio

Chesetta-St Moritz,Switzerland  - part of the Mywonderlust.org portfolio

For the past ten years I have let my house(s) and gone on holiday to far flung places, (where I would usually rent someone else’s villa).

It is a lot of work: Marketing to agents, vetting clients, dealing with special requests, accounting, scheduling, not to mention the ever changing demands of the tax man.

Letting my house has been rewarding. Most guests are nice, courteous and respectful and it has been a pleasure, to host them. But, then there are those who have pushy agents, they are rude to my staff, they break things without owning up to it - just one week of the wrong kind, can be unmitigated disaster.

As a guest (even when reserving through an agent) you also never really know what you are in for, until you get there: A five star review on TripAdvisor may not lead to a dream vacation.  Last Christmas my family was greeted by a major construction site next to our "picturesque oceanfront hideaway". The owner had "forgotten" to mention this.

After 10 years of hands on experience in letting and renting high end properties, I decided to close the lid on the Pandorra’s box of commercial rentals and created My Wanderlust. 

It is an adventure, an invitation to explore and travel, for family and friends, people like you and me! Get in touch if you would like to join me on this journey.

Patricia Wolf

Founder of  MyWanderlust.org