Frequently asked Questions


MyWanderlust values your properties in Coins:

  1. We establish a base value of between 1 and 10 Coins, depending on location, size and amenities. The value is linked to the "real world" rental value of the property and the base value therefore reflects the number of Coins your property would trade for in low season.
  2. We set the exchange value of your property for peak, high and low season. In high season a property will typically trade at 1.5 x base value, in peak season typically at 2x base value. 

You earn Coins, when you make a week of your property available on our site:

  • Mark a week on your personal property calendar as Available.
  • The Coin value of that week will be credited to your Travel Wallet.

There are two mechanisms for crediting Coins:

  • Immediate Credit: If you list your property at least three months before the start of the rental week, your Coins will be credited to your Travel Wallet as soon as the listing is made (no need to wait for your property to get booked).
  • Delayed Credit: For last minute listings (less than 3 months between listing and start of rental)  Coins will be credited to your Travel Wallet once your property has been booked by another member.

You can spend Coins by booking any property on our site.

If the property you want to book exceeds the number of Coins in your Travel Wallet, you can earn more Coins by making additional weeks your property available on MyWanderlust.

Your online account for Coins - the MyWanderlust travel credits.

travel wallet

transaction fee

When you book a property, MyWanderlust charges a Transaction Fee. The minimum fee is Euro 500 per week for any property up to 5 Coins, and every additional Coin costs an additional Euro 100. For example: You would pay Euro 700 to MyWanderlust for a one week stay at a 7 Coin property.

Each property has to be listed on MyWanderlust for a minimum of two weeks in high season. High season varies by location of the property, and can be either between middle of December to the middle of March or between the middle of June and the end of August.

Minimum availability

Included versus extra services

Property owners must provide normal property maintenance and daily housekeeping (cleaning) as a minimum service to their guests. Some properties are fully staffed and the owner may ask for a nominal sum to compensate for such cost. This cost is pre-agreed, listed on the property details and paid by the guest directly to the owner of the property. Equally, owners may be willing to arrange for additional services at your request.